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Boat Inspection

2 Hours * $280 to $360

Make an informed choice

Your boat/yacht is an expensive investment. Because a boat looks good, it doesn't mean the engine or the outdrive/transmission is in good working order.  At Torque Marine, we do a thorough inspection so that you can make a better decision before you purchase your new boat. 

Initial Computer Diagnostic

1 Hour* $125

Your boat is not starting and you aren't sure why?  We offer a state of the art computer diagnostic service. Even if your boat isn't computerized, we can still do a manual diagnostic and we guarantee that we will find out what is happening. If we fix it during that hour, that's all it will cost you.

Gimbal Bearing

4 Hours * $360 to $560

What is a gimbal bearing and why do I need to worry about it?  The gimbal bearing is a bearing that supports and helps to spin the driveshaft from the lower unit into the boat's engine.  A gimbal bearing only needs to be replaced if the bellows were damaged allowing water to enter the gimbal bearing compartment or the gimbal bearing is not spinning smoothly. 

Services : Boat Inspection
Services : Initial Diagnostic
Services : Gimbal Bearing
Services : Bellows Replacement

Bellows Replacement

4 Hours * $320 to $460

Sterndrives have flexible gaskets called "bellows" that seal the water out where the universal joint, shift cable and exhaust run between the boat and the drive.  They have a tendency to dry rot. It is extremely important that these are replaced at the first sign of a tear.  

Services : Impeller Replacement

Impeller Replacement

2 Hours * $280 to $460

The impeller is a boat's critical piece that brings water in from the lake/ocean to cool your engine.  Some people call it a water pump because in part it acts like a water pump.  Most manufacturers recommend the impeller be changed every 100 hours of use or every 2 years.

Services : Starter/Alternator/Fuel Pumps

Starter/Alternator/Fuel Pumps

4 Hours * $180 to $380

Starters, alternators and fuel pumps are the most common components to go out on boats.  In most instances, Torque Marine can replace these within a couple of hours and get you back where you belong - on the water!

Oil/Filter/Fuel Filter

1 Hour * $105

Changing the oil in your boat, is no different than changing the oil in your car.  It's imperative for the life of your boat.  Changing the oil at least once a season is the minimum you should change your oil, oil filter and fuel filter.  If you use your boat more than 100 hours a season, you should change it more often.

Services : Oil/Filter/Fuel Filter
Services : Stereo Install/Upgrades

Stereo Install/Upgrades

Price Varies

You invested a lot of money in your boat.  Music is an integral part of the fun on the lake. Allow Torque Marine to install a sound system that will deliver a concert experience!

Services : Winterization


2 Hours * $160 to $280

Winterization is not just worrying about freezing weather.  It's about preparing your boat for long-term storage.  If you don't use your boat for longer than a month, there are certain things that need to be done, to ensure it's properly stored for the winter.  Allow Torque Marine to protect your investment.

Concierge Services

Concierge Services

Price Varies

Lifetime memories shouldn’t be spent catching up on last minute maintenance details. Leave the planning and preparations of your boat to Torque Marine Services.  
We’ll get it ready from bow to stern so that you and your guests can simply relax and enjoy!

Detailing Services

Detailing Services

Boating is a ton of fun, but let's face it, cleaning it, not so much.  Allow the professionals at Torque Marine to take the grunt work of cleaning your valuable investment.  We promise you'll love the job we do, time and time again!

Time and price varies *Starting at $280

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*Additional fee applies to Lake Belton and Canyon Lake

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